Tool management

The offer, which moves your production immediately forwards. This system will assure for you more survey of your production, it will increase the productivity, reduce costs, increase professional level of your employers and minimize risks of deliveries failure. It will help you to hold up today hard competitive environment.

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What is included in this service?

  1. Audit of manufacturing process.
  2. Optimization of machining processes.
  3. Assuring of deliveries of all needed tools.
  4. Guarantee of deliveries of key tools without failures of issuing automatic machine directly in your plant.
  5. Training of your employers for the latest technologies.
  6. Detail monitoring of tools consumption on individual workplaces.
  7. Detail monitoring of usage of machine capacities.
  8. Simplification of payment conditions.
  9. Continuous care.

Audit of manufacturing process

Our specialists for single machining processes will analyse your production line and the whole manufacturing process. How? They will go through your existing technological procedures, they will evaluate possibilities of your machines, evaluate your existing technologies and possibilities of production capacities.


""If you leave us a free and non-binding process audit selected technologies, tools and processes used in your production, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much reserves is all around you. Contact Us."

Optimization of machining processes

Our technologists will propose optimization of your existing technological processes in compliance with the latest knowledges and our company databases with almost 20 years history of similar projects. They will propose an optimum usage of your machines and eventually their extension so, that you gain the maximum for your investments. We will create and implement standards for repeated products. We will create and implement standards for material removal per minute for individual types of operations, and so we will assure the productivity at a very high level. Defining of cutting conditions by the personnel randomly will be over. Our references speak for us. We have extensive experiences. Increasing of productivity in the processes optimized by us is minimum 30% by releasing of machining capacities. At the same time, our technologists will optimize the cutting tools themselves. They will make selection of tools corresponding to actual worldwide trends and precise selection directly „key-ready“ for the given operation, lower consumption of tools. Here we again use our referencesCosts for providing of tools in relation to the volume of production of processes optimized by us reduced at least by 50%. It sounds incredibly, but it only shows possibilities of today tools, when you know, how to use them.


Each of the employees of Grumant has the main goal of absolute customer support.

Assuring of deliveries of all needed tools

Our services are supported by a strong storage background. Our central stock in Prague includes about 29 000 types of tools. The on stock goods will be delivered within 24 hours after receiving of the purchase order. But that is not all. Other 40 000 types of goods are available in external stocks in Germany and France. 85% of goods, not available in the Prague stock, we deliver within 48 hours. We use three independent delivery services to guarantee delivery times. In 2011 we delivered to our partners 14 278 deliveries of tools.

Guarantee of deliveries of key tools without failures of issuing automatic machine directly in your plant

We will provide you with a stock of key tools directly in your workshop, through our issuing automatic machine for tools – Toolbox. You will not more be afraid at waiting for delivery service. Moreover this service includes the following. You will have a detail review on your key stockholdings and your production will never stop due to missing tool. You will have detail information on consumption of tools of each worker, each machine and each working group. No increased demand will escape from your attention. Do you want even more? We will provide this stock for you without charge. When your turnover per month for tools delivered by our company will exceed 80 000 CZK, we will provide you our issuing automatic machine free of charge and we will bear costs. As an alternative, we can open a consignment stock for you. You can only choose, what suits you more.

Training of your technologists and workers for the latest technologies

Annually, we will prepare 7-10 days´ training for your 2 technologists and programmers in the centre of Grumant s.r.o. in Prague focused on the assortment and optimum conditions of its application. Your employers will be directly immersed into the creative environment in our centre, where they will „become infected“ by the obsession with finding the best solutions for your production. Twice a year, we will organize training of your workshop personnel about new methods of productive working and innovations of the machining assortment of Grumant s.r.o.

Detail monitoring of tools consumption on individual workplaces

We provide an on-line service of monitoring of the consumption of each tool on each workplace using our issuing automatic machine. Do you over-ground or share expensive tools in the workshop? We can deliver special issuing automatic machines for you. You can record and manage everything. You can easy monitor, for example, demands of tools of individual workers, loan periods of instruments, to limit issuing of expensive tools with regard to time and to simplify also accounting operations. You will also receive a remote on-line assistance from us.

Detail monitoring of machines capacities

Our experts will propose an optimum solution for monitoring of activities of your machines. They will install and commission the DNC network, thanks to which, you will have on-line review of manufacturing processes on your machines from anywhere. You will get information on an activity, who is working on machines, what is being machined on the individual machine, eventually why the machine is just stopped and why it produced fewer pieces during the night shift etc. You will get a detail review on the output of your machines and workplaces on-line and in regular reports. This all will require only minimum changes in your workshop.

Simplification of payment conditions

Simplification of payment conditions. The part of our cooperation within our service Grumant – Toolmanagement it is also supporting with regard to payments. We support your business; therefore the maturity of invoices is set upto 6 months. You have so the unique possibility to pay your costs for purchasing of tools after receiving of payments for your products, produced in the meantime by these tools.

Continuous care

During the first year, our specialists will provide you free of charge the direct technological assistance for your production, including creating of detail machining technologies of the workpiece. They will also provide you advices at programming of your machines in the form of delivered cutting conditions for each of tools and for each operation. They will be pleased to provide you training for the excellent CAM software Gibbs CAM. You will simplify so creating of simulations at more complex technologies and machining processes. Collisions during machining of complex pieces in your production will be over. Sales department and technological department will be available for you on every working day from 7:00 to 18:00. Each one of employers of the company Grumant s.r.o. has the main target in supporting of the customer.

This means Grumant – Toolmanagement. Have you ever met better service?