High Precise Boring of Holes

  • Rigibore systems – cartridges with continuously adjustable inserts
  • 3 systems: mechanical adjustment with the step of 0,005 mm per diameter, manual adj. with digital readout – 0,001 mm per diameter and radio-adjust. for upto 8 cartridges also 0,001 mm per diameter
  • Accurate manufacturing of combined diameters, back readout of adjusted dimensions
  • Quick delivery of special tools for combined diameters

Modular Systems for Boring of Great Diameters

  • Modular systems – high flexibility, very favourable prices
  • Catalogue systems upto the diameter of 2205 mm, greater dimensions per special order
  • Stepwise setting upto 0,002 mm on diameter

Productive Reamers

  • Productive reaming of holes without roughing after drilling, Hole tolerance H7
  • Geometry for various materials of workpiece
  • Reamers with cutting edges of HM, CBN, cermets and PCD
  • High productivity of reaming
  • Monolithic diameters from 3 to 20 mm, TiN or TiAlN coating, including peeling ones
  • With exchangeable HM drill bit with diameter from 8 to 40 mm, shank 3D or 5D
  • Reamers with adjustable diameter