For suppliers

Welcome to the website of purchase Grumant

The mission of Grumant purchase is to bring the long-term business benefits of effective implementation of procurement processes in accordance with the relevant external and internal standards.

We are trying to manage conflicts in expectations and interests of individual stakeholders and suppliers, diplomatically provide a win-win situation , without compromising corporate values ​​and / or high standards of our purchase.

  • We create a transparent business relationships based on the principle of fair play and mutual respect.
  • We predict changes that may have impact on our business and we are always using every opportunity.
  • We take care of professionalism , expertise, willingness, goodwill and ability to cooperate.
  • We focus on the outcome - quality for a good price. We constantly innovate our tools and technology.
  • We work with the customer and still try to fulfill their needs , requirements and expectations.

Our suppliers play important part in fulfilling our mission and maintaining our position as a reliable supplier of technologies and tools for machining with ensuring high productivity of the manufacturing process. This requires working with the best suppliers in the industry. Quality, reliability and efficiency are the most important for us.