Production of Threads

Threads Turning

  • Wide range of inserts for various profiles and sizes of threads
  • 3D formers for building of fine chips
  • Double-sided inserts
  • Ground monolithic tools for internal diameters from 2,5 mm

Threads Milling

  • HM milling cutters with diameter from 4 mm to 20 mm, with chamfering edge, with internal cooling or as a combined tool for boring and milling
  • Milling cutters with inserts for various profiles and sizes of threads
  • Thread milling cutters with inserts in spiral – continuous pass, high productivity, accuracy and quality of thread
  • Miniaturised milling cutters from M1,4
  • Monolithic Milling Cutters for materials with hardness upto 62 HRC


  • Taps for various materials of workpieces – differentiated by colour strips
  • Threading of materials upto the hardness of 45 (63) HRc, titanium alloys etc.
  • Wide range of profiles according to various European and world standards
  • Series Synchro Ultra Fast for M6 to M20 cutting speed v= 50 – 200m/min
  • Universal series

Forming Taps

  • Forming taps for steels, rust-proof steels and aluminium alloys
  • Progressive geometry reducing torque
  • Premium HSS and sintered steels and TiCN and TiN coatings for long durability
  • Forming speed vc upto 40 m/min