Special Assortment

Adjustable and Special Tools

  • Tools with continuously adjustable angle of inserts for chamfering
  • Back chamfering
  • Customized combined tools for drilling, countersinking and chamfering

Combined and Special Tools

  • Special shaped milling cutters with inserts
  • Combined tools e.g. simultaneous drilling, countersinking and chamfering
  • Special monolithic tools and inserts per special order
  • Miniaturised tools for threads, grooves, slots, turning, milling
  • Significant productivity increasing


Knurling and Marking


  • Tools for cutting and forming of various profiles according to DIN 82
  • Tools of HSS, PM and HM with possibility of coating
  • Knurling of cylindrical, conical and concave surfaces
  • New modular system
  • Special tools



  • Letters, figures, marks, logos, scales
  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement of characters
  • Marking of cylindrical, conical and concave surfaces


Saw Bands

  • Saw bands and bands for cutting of metals
  • Design of bands for various types of materials HSS and bimetal

Roller Burnishing

  • Roller burnishing of external and internal cylindrical surfaces, conical and face surfaces
  • Through, blind and graduated holes
  • Achievable surface quality Rz < 1 µm
  • Reinforcement of the surface layer

Angle and Acceleration Heads

  • More than 60 types of cross and angle heads
  • Angle heads with continuously adjustable axial and radial angle
  • Basic taper SK, CAT, BT, HSK, CAPTO, KM, ISO
  • Possibilities to clamp tools with taper upto ISO 40, collets of series of various sizes
  • Accelerating heads with gear upto 1:8, max. speed upto 35 000 RPM


Compact and Hydraulic Heads

  • Cross and accelerating heads and heads for milling of slots on internal diameter of holes
  • Driven by pressure of cooling fluid – possibility to use spindle positioning as the next machine axis
  • Compact dimensions – cross heads pass through the opening with diameter of 25,4 mm